University of Reading Atmospheric Observatory Database


Name URL Vars
1-sec "instantaneous" logger output /ext/dataset/1sec_Level1/ Variables
5-min averaged logger output /ext/dataset/5min_Level1/ Variables
5-min max/min logger output /ext/dataset/5min_Level1_maxmin/ Variables
5-min WMO-standard processed output /ext/dataset/5min_Level2/ Variables
5-min max/min processed output /ext/dataset/5min_Level2_maxmin/ Variables
1-hour WMO-standard processed output /ext/dataset/1hour_Level2/ Variables
1-hour max/min processed output /ext/dataset/1hour_Level2_maxmin/ Variables
0900 UTC climat observation - no data thrown back /ext/dataset/climat0900/ Variables
0.1-sec Sonic and LiCOR output (Last 12 months only) /ext/dataset/soniclicor_Level1/ Variables
Vertical profiles of wind and temperature /ext/dataset/Vertical_profiles/ Variables
Eddy covariances - 30-min averages /ext/dataset/eddy_cov/ Variables
Cloud base averages at 5 minute intervals /ext/dataset/cloudbase_5min/ Variables
Cloud base averages at 1 minute intervals /ext/dataset/cloudbase_1min/ Variables