University of Reading Atmospheric Observatory Database


These variables specify which column(s) of the dataset are available. Note that variable names used here must exactly match those in the header of the data file, otherwise the extractor will not be able to match it up with a column.

Category ID Long Name Units
typenull L Monin-Obhukov length m
typenull zL atmospheric stability parameter (z=3m) dimensionless
typenull C_CO2_kg_per_kg carbon dioxide concentration kg/kg
typenull cov_uv covariance of u,v wind components m2/s2
typenull cov_uw covariance of u,w wind components m2/s2
typenull cov_vw covariance of v,w wind components m2/s2
typenull ustar friction velocity m/s
typewind WS horizontal wind speed m/s
typenull Tsonic_K mean sonic temperature K
typenull nSamples number of time samples in data samples/interval
typenull q specific humidity kg/kg
typenull sd_C_CO2_kg_per_kg standard deviation of CO2 kg/kg
typenull sd_Tsonic standard deviation of sonic temperature K
typenull sd_q standard deviation of specific humidity kg/kg
typenull sd_u standard deviation of u wind component m/s
typenull sd_v standard deviation of v wind component m/s
typenull sd_w standard deviation of w wind component m/s
typenull F_CO2 turbulent carbon dioxide flux umol/m2s
typenull Q_E turbulent latent heat flux W/m2
typenull Q_H turbulent sensible heat flux W/m2
typewind dir wind direction deg