University of Reading Atmospheric Observatory Database


These variables specify which column(s) of the dataset are available. Note that variable names used here must exactly match those in the header of the data file, otherwise the extractor will not be able to match it up with a column.

Category ID Long Name Units
typetemp T0.56 0.56m temperature degC
typewind U0.56 0.56m wind m/s
typewind U0.8 0.8m wind m/s
typetemp T1.12 1.12m temperature degC
typewind U1.12 1.12m wind m/s
typewind U1.6 1.6m wind m/s
typetemp TSoil100 100cm soil temperature degC
typetemp TSoil10 10cm soil temperature degC
typewind Dirn10 10m wind direction degs
typewind U10 10m wind speed m/s
typerain Rain 1sec rainfall mm
typenull Sdur 1sec sunshine secs
typetemp T2.24 2.24m temperature degC
typewind U2.24 2.24m wind m/s
typetemp TSoil20 20cm soil temperature degC
typewind U2 2m wind speed m/s
typewind U3.2 3.2m wind m/s
typetemp TSoil30 30cm soil temperature degC
typetemp T4.48 4.48m temperature degC
typewind U4.48 4.48m wind m/s
typetemp TSoil50 50cm soil temperature degC
typetemp TSoil5 5cm soil temperatrure degC
typewind Dirn5 5m wind direction degs
typewind U5 5m wind speed m/s
typewind U6.4 6.4m wind m/s
typetemp Tsoil Bare soil temperature degC
typenull CNR4T CNR4 radiometer temp degC
typenull Ch28 Channel 28
typenull Ch32 Channel 32
typenull Ch33 Channel 33
typetemp Tconc Concrete temperature degC
typenull iCP Corrugated plate current pA
typenull Sd Diffuse solar radiation W/m2
typenull Sb Direct beam solar radiation W/m2
typetemp Td Dry bulb temperature degC
typenull iFP Flat plate current pA
typenull Sg Global solar radiation W/m2
typetemp Tgrass Grass temperature degC
typenull G Ground heat flux W/m2
typenull Ldw(uc) Longwave-down(uncorrected) W/m2
typenull Luw(uc) Longwave-up(uncorrected) W/m2
typetemp Tw Measured wet bulb temperature degC
typenull Rn Net radiative heat flux W/m2
typenull PointDischarge PointDischarge V
typenull PG Potential gradient V/m
typewind U Propeller U m/s
typewind V Propellor V m/s
typewind W Propellor W m/s
typenull R38 R38
typetemp RH Relative humidity %
typenull Sb(csd3) Sb(csd3) W/m2
typenull Sdw Shortwave-down W/m2
typenull Suw Shortwave-up W/m2
typepres P Station pressure hPa