Climatological data enquiry

The purpose of this code is to allow the user to compare the value of a meteorological observation made at the University of Reading (maybe recently) with those recorded in the past.
Such a comparison may be done
using (a maybe unknown) value on a specific date (maybe today's date to compare a possible 'record' against past data), or
by specifying a reference value in 'observation units' (eg. degC not K).
and then looking to find higher or lower values from the past.
The comparison can be carried out against:
all the days in all the years,
all the days in one season over all years
all the days in one month over all the years
the first, middle or final third of a specific month in all the years

Define data type requirements

1. Define the timeperiod for which you would like to obtain data - missing variable values will be returned as an "x"

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