Plotting program for METFiDAS observations

Define plotting configuration

Important notes:

Bug fixed 23.02.2018 - Pmsl plotting enabled

If you have any questions then contact Roger Brugge

Note: Data are available from 8 August 2005

Step 1 - select the type of plot

Default plots; you will only be able to select the variable groups, not the variables themselves
or else
User-configured plot; you will have maximum control over the content

Step 2 - select the type of axes to be used

Fixed values; limited flexibility as they will not reflect the range of plotted data values
or else
Data-controlled; the axis limits of the graphs will depend upon the range of data values

Step 3 - select one of these to define the date and time range

No data are available before 8 August 2005

Default; the past 24 hours
User-controlled; any range can be selected
The past week
The past month
The past year

Click here to

to reset all option to their default values