Cloud base data now available (with some gaps) back to 1 May 2014 - modified 19 January 2017

Eddy covariance variables changed slightly back to start of record - modified 5 August 2020

Define data type requirements

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Step 1 - select the type of (AWS) data

1-sec "instantaneous" logger output
5-min averaged logger output
5-min max/min logger output (up to 14 March 2017 only)
5-min WMO-standard processed output
5-min max/min processed output
1-hour WMO-standard processed output
1-hour max/min processed output
0900 UTC METFiDAS climat observation - no data thrown back
0.1-sec sonic licor output
Vertical profiles of wind and temperature
Eddy covariances - 30-min averages
Cloud base averages at 5 minute intervals
Cloud base averages at 1 minute intervals

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